Why Lowering Cholesterol is Important

There are more than 71 million people in America who suffer from high cholesterol, and this is an alarming statistic because high cholesterol can mean that you are at increased risk of clogged arteries, heart attacks, and strokes.

The good news is that it is possible to lower your cholesterol, and if you do this right it can greatly decrease your risk of heart problems in the future.

It’s important to note that dietary cholesterol does not have a direct impact on blood cholesterol – for a while it was thought that this was the case, and people were advised against eating things like eggs, because it was thought that they increase cholesterol, when in truth they are actually very good for you in other ways if they are included in your diet in moderation.

So, what should you be doing to control your cholesterol?

Well, it has been found that there are two types of cholesterol – LDL and HDL; and that while LDL cholesterol is bad for you, HDL cholesterol is actually good. Your goal should be to lower the level of LDL cholesterol while keeping HDL levels high.

The way to do this is to consume a healthy diet that contains the right number of calories for your daily activity levels, and the right balance of healthy fats. Yes, eating certain healthy fats can help you to achieve a good balance of LDL vs HDL cholesterol.

Get your cholesterol levels tested periodically – especially if you have a family history of heart disease or strokes. Your doctor will give you advice about what you should be eating on a low cholesterol diet, and the best exercise to do, to get your cardiovascular system performing optimally and to protect your heart health for many years to come.