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vegetable recipe 1800 calorie diet

An overview of the 1800 calorie diet plan

The 1800 calorie diet is a weight loss plan with benefits and no downside! This diet plan is among all the easier to follow. With it, you have every right…almost! Including that of consuming sugars. Another aspect is that you can also eat starchy foods at lunch and dinner. It also allows meeting the needs of a stabilization phase, for… Read more →

green tea and cholesterol

Green tea against bad cholesterol

Surely you know green tea and the benefits it brings to health. Well, you can now add one more: its action against bad cholesterol. This popular tea has components that allow you to treat high cholesterol naturally. Now, fans of green tea can add another reason to drink it. Apparently, this healthy herb would be very good to help lower and… Read more →

obese man tight cloth

How Obesity is Defined?

Maintaining a normal body weight has become a concern in developed countries societies since obesity is associated with various diseases, aesthetic and psychological aspects. Our body weight is regulated by various interrelated complex mechanisms that are controlled by food intake and energy expenditure. In our ancestors, fatty deposits were essential to ensure their survival, since the human body had great… Read more →

Determining Your Daily Calorie Requirement

There are countless diets and nutritional concepts, but the equation for weight loss always remains the same: The calorie consumption must be higher than the caloric intake. Therefore, It is important to know how high the daily calorie requirement is, on the other hand, how many calories you eat. Only, someone who deals with this subject and has an understanding… Read more →

swimming for weight loss

What Exercises To Lose Weight Should Be Your Focus?

Every exercise you can imagine can help you lose weight. Of course, some work better than others, and you want to know about different exercises too that can help motivate you. One thing you need to understand right now is the importance of cardiovascular exercise. If you think you can get your workout through strength conditioning and forgo the part… Read more →

woman with ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer Is Not So Silent – It Has Symptoms!

According to the CDC, ovarian cancer is the second most frequent women gynecologic cancer, but the one with the highest mortality rate because of late diagnosis in most cases. This is why many call it the “silent murderer”. However, ovarian cancer is not so silent. Many studies have been conducted in women who have been ovarian cancer survivors, as there… Read more →

women gynecologic health

Some Important Facts About Cervical Cancer

– It is one of the most common cancers of the female genital tract. – In general, cancer begins when normal cells acquire a genetic mutation that transforms them into abnormal cells that grow and multiply uncontrollably and also become “immortal”. – The accumulation of abnormal cells form a tumor and invades surrounding tissues and can spread it to progress… Read more →

foods to avoid to lower triglycerides

5 Natural Steps to Lower Triglycerides

Have you recently visited your doctor and he said that your triglyceride level was high (over 150 mg / dl)? Although triglycerides like cholesterol when high can lead to health issues, do not panic! There are simple, safe and natural ways to reduce them, while adequately fed. 1. Increase your intake of dietary fiber by Replacing white bread with whole… Read more →

Lowering Cholesterol for Heart Health

Why Lowering Cholesterol is Important

There are more than 71 million people in America who suffer from high cholesterol, and this is an alarming statistic because high cholesterol can mean that you are at increased risk of clogged arteries, heart attacks, and strokes. The good news is that it is possible to lower your cholesterol, and if you do this right it can greatly decrease… Read more →