Green tea against bad cholesterol

Surely you know green tea and the benefits it brings to health. Well, you can now add one more: its action against bad cholesterol. This popular tea has components that allow you to treat high cholesterol naturally. Now, fans of green tea can add another reason to drink it.

Apparently, this healthy herb would be very good to help lower and stabilize cholesterol. The truth is that green tea every day surprises us with a new health benefit. Over time, it has almost become a panacea for the health of the body.

How does green tea help lower bad cholesterol?

According to various studies, it was found that green tea has properties against bad cholesterol, helping to treat high cholesterol naturally and reducing the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.

The study volunteers separated participants into two groups at random: in the first group who drank green tea and green tea extract and the second group who did not drink green tea.

The research was conducted by a period of approximately three months. The results showed that the first group that drank a considerable dose of green tea reduced levels of cholesterol. In fact, participants who consumed green tea had an average of 7.2 milligrams per deciliter reduction in cholesterol levels overall compared with participants who did not drink green tea.

These participants also reduced levels of bad cholesterol of 2.2 milligrams per deciliter. Responsible for this reduction are catechins, substances that limit and prevent the absorption of fat in the intestine.

Moreover, certain compounds of green tea increase the excretion of bile acids, which also increase the removal of cholesterol via the feces.

That is, that the antioxidant and diuretic property of green tea now adds the property to reduce fat absorption, which can benefit not only to treat your high cholesterol but also, to lose weight.

Other properties of green tea

If you are a daily consumer of this healthy drink, probably you are interested in being aware of all the benefits and properties that can give you. We invite you to watch this educational video for you to discover all that green tea can do for your health.