Month: October 2016

vegetable recipe 1800 calorie diet

An overview of the 1800 calorie diet plan

The 1800 calorie diet is a weight loss plan with benefits and no downside! This diet plan is among all the easier to follow. With it, you have every right…almost! Including that of consuming sugars. Another aspect is that you can also eat starchy foods at lunch and dinner. It also allows meeting the needs of a stabilization phase, for… Read more →

green tea and cholesterol

Green tea against bad cholesterol

Surely you know green tea and the benefits it brings to health. Well, you can now add one more: its action against bad cholesterol. This popular tea has components that allow you to treat high cholesterol naturally.┬áNow, fans of green tea can add another reason to drink it. Apparently, this healthy herb would be very good to help lower and… Read more →